Closer to Home Health Walks

A series of walks around Stoke-on-Trent for all ages and all abilities.

Walks in Stoke North


The Stoke North Group walk in Sandyford and Goldenhill, Tunstall and Burslem and on Sundays at Ford Green and the Whitfield Valley. The most popular walks are on Tuesdays starting from Westport Lake, on Wednesdays from Tunstall Park and on Thursdays from Sandyford Fire Station. Each of these walks follows a variety of routes, depending on the weather and who is attending. There will usually be time for refreshments afterwards and the Sandyford group regularly go for a pub lunch after the morning's walk.

Your contact for Stoke North is Sue W. Tel: 01782 833213 (If you get no reply, please leave a message and I will ring you back)

You can view, download or print our programme of walks in Stoke North here: *STOKE NORTH WALKS*



We know that becoming more active can be difficult but we're here to help. You and can take part in our free short walks near to where you live, at a pace that works for you, and with specially trained leaders showing you the way.

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