Why I Joined

What our walkers have said

Sandra - "Since I've retired I've decided to get more healthy. I was stuck behind a desk all day. The walks have lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol and encouraged me to walk to the shops instead of driving."

Ruth - "I decided to lose weight and started at the gym, but I preferred to get outside rather than being tied to a treadmill"

Geoff  - "The other walkers would slow down so that I could catch up and I was never left on my own. I have become more confident with my walking and the group made it easy for me to settle in, everyone is really friendly and we always have a good laugh."

Catherine -  "I'd been in hospital and afterwards I couldn't afford the gym so I decided to go on the walks. I really enjoy walking and I've met a lot of people. I've even changed my shifts around so I can come to more. Health-wise the walks have made a lot of difference. I went back to work on Monday and everyone keeps saying how well I look and it hasn't cost anything."

Michelle - "I was suffering with agoraphobia so getting out of the house with people I felt comfortable with was a big thing for me. It was the friendly people who run the group that attracted me to join. The leaders are great: I came for the first walk and I've coming ever since."